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The second link presents the display on 8th-9th century Khazar objects (including arms and armor) from the northwestern Caucasus from the March-September 2003 exhibit "Horse and Rider" at the State Historical Museum in Moscow.

Sarkel's fortress was one of Khazaria's most important, serving both as a defensive structure and a trading caravan stopover.

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HAZARLAR by Osman Karatay A 336-page general-interest book about the Khazars. THE KUZARI: IN DEFENSE OF THE DESPISED FAITH translated and annotated by Rabbi N.

Daniel Korobkin In this classic philosophical work by Yehuda Ha Levi, a Jewish sage explains the principles of Judaism to an inquisitive Khazar king.

The first gallery includes images of Turkic runes, Turkic tribe symbols, a Khazar metal disc with an engraving of the Star of David, Khazar-Saltovo amulets, depictions of an epic motif, Khazarian battle and hunting scenes, Khazar silver belts, a pot with images of a menorah and a cross, and a map of Khazaria.

As a special bonus, the historical communications exchanged between Khazar King Joseph and the Spanish Jewish diplomat Hasdai ibn Shaprut are included in this volume.

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