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Get ready for another weekend of getting lost, dancing in the woods and making new friends!

Mysteryland 2018 will take place from Friday, August 24th until Sunday, August 26th.

De 26-jarige moeder is niet nieuw in de porno-industrie en heeft een aantal jaar geleden zelfs een film uitgebracht.

De televisiezender vindt de recentelijke actie van Farrah dit keer te ver gaan en besluit niet verder met haar in zee te gaan.

The canal is less than a kilometer away from the Netherlands' border, 1Limburg reports. According to the Belgian judiciary, the car was in the water for at least six months. An autopsy will be done on the bodies on Friday to try and determine cause of death.

The increase in absolute numbers can therefore be attributed to population growth, according to Statistics Netherlands.

André S., sentenced to four years in prison two weeks ago for raping a Den Bosch woman in 1995, committed suicide in his cell in the prison in Grave, his lawyer Jori Schadd said to Omroep Brabant. "The man leaves a family with wife and children", the lawyer said.

A 27-year-old woman who died on Djakartaterras in Amsterdam on Sunday morning, was killed in a fall, RTL Nieuws reports.

The police are considering three scenarios - an accident, suicide or a crime.

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