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In contrast, the earliest record of human activity in the Western Hemisphere according to carbon dating is no more than 45,000 years, but most evidence makes a more comfortable estimate of 30,000 years or less.

And since there were no Eurocentric or New World societies until after the Conquest of the original Indigenous societies that occurred from the late 1400s through the 1700s, the longest period of organized society we in the West possess is no more than 500 years old.

Traces of the earliest ancestors of modern humans have been discovered in tropical eastern sub-Sahara Africa as early as 5 million years ago. Koguryo expanded its territory well into eastern Manchuria (present day northeast China) in the north, as far south near the Han River (flows through present day Seoul) in proximity of where the other two major kingdoms emerged, Paekche (c. D.) in the in the southwestern portion of the Peninsula, and the more powerful Silla (c. D.) in the southeastern portion in and around the Naktong River valley.

By 1.8 millions years ago early hominids (walking bipedal) began spreading out from these original homelands, migrating into temperate regions as distant as East Asia. Many sites have been found of lavishly furnished tombs for the elite in Koguryo society, adorned with exquisite paintings.

The total area of the Peninsula is about 85,000 square miles, about equal in size to Great Britain or New York State.

This geography helps explain why Japan historically considered the Korean Peninsula as its “natural bridge” to the heart of the Asian continent.

For as we are beginning to realize more and more, the presence of the past is always here. We can only ignore this principle at our own peril, which in turn robs us of the incredibly profound input of a vast sea of indispensable wisdom.

Homo Erectus grade hominids were present in the Peninsula of Korea, eastern portions of China, southern Asia, and central India more than one million years ago. there is evidence of the first permanent farming settlements, such as at Hunamni (in central Korea not far from present day Seoul). Among the grave offerings were elaborate gold crowns and other jewelry of gold and wire.

During the Neolithic (New Stone) Age period beginning about 10,000 B. C., paleo (ancient)-Asiatics scattered throughout Siberia began migrating to the Korean Peninsula through northeast provinces of China and Russian areas around Vladivostock. Some scholars identify this period as the beginning of a continuous evolution of a distinct culture, meaning that by 2,000 A. C., during the Bronze Age (ores of copper, tin, and zinc), new immigrants had assimilated Indigenous neolithic peoples in small hamlets on foothills near rivers. through much of China, the Korean Peninsula, and southern Japan. A fourth kingdom of Kaya in the far southeast (west of the Naktong River and present day Pusan) exported fine stoneware pottery to Japan.

The Republic of the United States of America, and its Europeon antecedent communities, only go back 400 years.

There is evidence that some of the Indigenous stock in the Western hemisphere originated in portions of Asia, including the Korean Peninsula.

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