Norwich dating events

This is also likely to appeal to local history enthusiasts or perhaps a large local employer wanting to give back to the city and workers that have supported it over the years.

Have you got a big celebration or anniversary coming up?

They could be the perfect recipient of this medieval Bollock Dagger.

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This intricate manuscript, dated 1400-1499, was created in East Anglia for the Diocese of Norwich and we anticipate it appealing to museum supporters, local writers and illustrators, writers’ groups, religious or ecclesiastical societies or perhaps local businesses such as designers, printers or an organisation with a long history. This gold ring is a remarkable survivor found during excavations of the ground floor of Norwich Castle Keep in 1986.It would also appeal to those with an interest in ceramics or local history or perhaps a local family pub or restaurant looking to raise their profile.A brilliant object for a local fashion business, a walking group, or someone with an interest in historical clothing, this shoe dates back to the 1500s and was found at St Benedict’s Gate in 1951.One for local historians, epic battle enthusiasts and would-be knights of all ages!This majestic 15th century sword is of a type which became popular among medieval knights due to the increased use of plate armour on the battlefield.

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