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For 00, you could go home with a 16x20 portrait of Sammy, Sammyville’s 90-year-old namesake rebel, grinning big with ill-fitting teeth, and a .44 pistol aimed right at you.“That guy – he’s the banker, the preacher, the mayor – he runs that town,” says Barnes.Try Dior 1-Colour Eyeshadow in Trendy Taupe (, It's something Noot Seear, 26, got to do in her role as Heidi, a siren who lures prey to her lair to "dine." Thing is, the contacts the cast wore (shades of violet, amber or red, based on their mood) made them nearly blind at times: "I had to learn to wear them—not a beauty tip I'd recommend!"For these eyes, run turquoise liner, like Cover Girl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit in Aqua Paradise (.50, at drug-stores), along your lash lines.We update gallery with only quality interesting photos.If you have good quality pics of Noot (Renata) Seear, you can add them to Photo-forum. There was a ceremony yesterday at the Christodora House on Avenue B at East Ninth Street...

There were like 50 of them, all dressed up.” Then there’s the experience at Corcoran State Prison, a maximum-security slammer in California.’ So, they all go into this house, except for one dude who stays in the car. Finally, he says, ‘So what are you gonna do if they come out here with a bag of money and a gun to your head?’ And I say, ‘I’d tell them we’d better go.’ And he was like, ‘He’s cool.’ After that they trusted me.“I started taking pictures of them, and it just blew me away.” Since then, he’s spent time with the Ni Mii Pu tribe of Lapwai, Idaho; a bunch of bikers in New York, the low-riders of New Mexico, inmates of Corcoran State Prison, and members of the East St. “They took me on a ride in my rental car -- took me out for ribs.They said, ‘We gotta go take care of something – will you give us a ride?

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