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The historic market town is just a short walk from the river and full of interesting shops, designer boutiques, pubs, cafes, restaurants and accommodation.The Saturday market, dating back to the 13th century, is held on the High Street and is continuingly popular throughout the year. I hope you have a great visit and will come back and see us again soon! 9 of 2017 Mariners are advised that with effect from Monday 16th October 2017, marsh replenishment works will commence within ‘Boiler Marsh’ bay to the east of the Lymington River entrance. I would like to extend a very warm welcome from Lymington Harbour and the town.Lymington River and its approaches offer a safe haven for all visiting yachtsmen.

As it can't find it, it just aborts and the Offsite Backup is never uploaded. When Rev processes and prints an Invoice for Recurring Charges, instead of using just "#O" as the Stockcode identifier on the invoice (as is normally the case with standard Odd Items), it also includes the Recurring Charge CODE as well as it's REFERENCE Code.

When the System setting to ' Allow Stock to go into Negative' is UNticked and you process an Invoice for a SERVICE item, the Quantity field in the invoice prompts you with a ZERO (as if it was a Stock item with zero On Hand).

Modified this to now prompt you with the default Invoice Quantity (User Preferences In the Export Quotes Analysis option (to Excel) , some Excel variable CONSTANTS were NOT defined which caused the export to crash with an error 1004: Global Const xl Edge Right As Long = 10, xl Edge Bottom As Long = 9The mod made on 2017/07/20 to sort out a problem with the amount printed on Receipts Reprinted in the Invoice module caused another problem if the payment was made in the CURRENT period and not in an Archive period.

Rather use the STOCKTAKE import option to import/amend On Hands.

ADDED: If you UNtick the following boxes under the [Recurring Charges] button on the [System Access] tab (under User Prefs), they will also DISABLE the [Edit], [Add], [Delete] and [Print] buttons on the Add/Amend/Delete/Print Charges on a Selected account FOR THAT USER: Place Charges..., Remove Charges..., Update Charges..., Print Charges...

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