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From that day foreword every time I saw Jerry he would go out of his way to speak, and offer assistance if needed.

Thank You for the influence you have had in my life. I believe I met Jerry at the World Show in the early 80s soon after I had come to work at AQHA.

The next morning when we came in, all of their slinkies were off and their manes were standing straight up.

We asked Jerry what happened and he said that he did not think they would rest well with the slinkies on so he took them all off at last barn check.

Jerry Wells and Betty..always kind to everyone that ever meet them.

Once of the fastest high point stallions in history if it wasn't for the meeting of these dedicated horsemen tonto would never of been what he became I thank you gary hellon and jerry wells for the great work they did with tonto and a special thanks to these great horsemen for makin my fathers all time dream come a reality im not sure if gary or jerry are still with us but because of my father's last stroke I know my dad gives special thanks in makein and believing in my father dream to bring the dream to real life in my prayers and many thanks to these two real life horsemen for believing in my father and all the help and hard work these two cowboys did for my father could never of done such a great job making tonto true grand champion.Betty and I worked all day to band and trim their manes so they would just suit Jerry.We put slinkies on all of them and hoped for the best.He brought out this Bay horse, and there were 2 AQHA inspectors in from Amarillo.This was the best and prettiest horse I have ever seen and he drew a crowd.

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