Interdenominational dating

The print shows the gates, gate pillars and railings.As the inscribed stone in the wall beside the gates today has the date 1833 on it, the print can be dated between 18 when the spire was removed and the tower raised. Witheridge bell ringers were very successful at this time.Having one parent who is white and another who is black, one Christian and the other Jewish, December's Hanu-Kwanzaa-Mas caused some confusion for me.Luckily, supportive parents with a strong moral compass kept me on the straight and narrow, but their relationship couldn't weather certain storms.

The Shield with bell is Tawstock, and the big shield is the Devon Associations shield MID FIFTIES.

Witheridge Ringers Rev Clarke, Rev Jones, A Bryant, J Leach, S Nott, R Phillips, G Webber, G Hodgson.

Front Row: John Chapple, John Luxton, C Bowden, M Champion, H Rowcliffe, Connie Hodgson, J Leach memorial cup-St Davids Thelbridge 26th April 1969 Class B Competition winners 1st certificate. Chappel (Captain),2 M Champion, 3 H Rowcliffe, 4 G Webber, 5 J Luxton, Tenor C Bowden.

Church School 1887: Henry P Cornish was Head from 1886 to 1893. However, you are welcome to use any of the photographs belonging to the archive for personal and/or non-commercial use.

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