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It happened right before my eyes: the guy sitting across the table, who I used to text about the really awkward dates I went on, transformed into the person I wanted to be kissing at the end of the night.It was an electric feeling — like I got zapped — and suddenly I realized everything was about to change in a big way.Rachel and Tag's relationship is nearly discovered at Ralph Lauren.Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hanukkah but Ben always loved Christmas.Later, the two make many test cookies, only to realize the true recipe comes from Nestle Toll House. Monica tells Chandler about Phoebe's secret of an employee getting fired, and Chandler tells about his trip to Disney with Ross who ended up ill on a ride after eating tacos. Joey and Ross accidentally take a nap together and much to their dismay, find that they like it.Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail, but to no avail. Ross tells Monica about the Atlantic City trip in which Chandler's secret by accidentally kissed a guy. Phoebe and Rachel compete to be Monica's maid of honor.

Phoebe takes a telemarketing job selling toner and tries to save a man named Earl (Jason Alexander) from committing suicide.

Meanwhile, Chandler has bedroom-related problems, Joey auditions to play as a 19-year-old, and Phoebe is desperate to be asked to play her guitar at the wedding.

Monica learns her parents have spent her wedding fund but soon perks up when she learns Chandler has saved enough money to pay for her dream wedding.

When you start to date your best friend, you gain a lot: a protector, undeniable confidence, and a feverish determination to make your relationship work. Read on to find out why taking on the challenge is a tough feat, but at the end of the day, totally worth it.

You don't need to bother trying to read your own best friend's mind because you already know what he or she is about to say.

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