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Amos and Moses Gordon, with their families, went directly to the log house that had been built the preced- ing autumn, where the} r quickly started a fire with fuel that had been prepared and left in the house. Gordon, assuming a mysterious air, went to a barrel that at the close of the previous season's operations had been left partly filled with pork, intending to surprise the hungry members of his household with a generous piece of that article. After- wards they were quartered a few weeks with the family of Justus Harriman.Burned Out The Gordon and Chandler families had experienced severe hardships during their recent journey to Lincoln - town and hardships were still in store for them.They had taken 66 HISTORY OF GARLAND, MAINE twenty-one days to perform a journey of about two hundred miles. In the interval between autumn and the time of the arrival of the family some of the original dwellers of the "forest primeval" had appropriated the meat.The fast sailing steamers of the present day would make their trips across the Atlantic Ocean and return in an equal period of time. John Chandler and family spent the first night in Lincoln town with the family of Joseph Garland.3 in 1803, 52 IV TABLE OF CONTENTS Page An Early Name, 53 Old Names, 53 In Quest of Food, 54 Lincolntown in 1804, 57 In Peril of Shipwreck, 59 From Frankfort to the Township, 59 Early Births in the Township, 62 Lincoln town in 1805, 63 A Striking Contrast, 63 Burned Out, 66 A Spacious Sleeping Apartment, 68 The Surprise, 69 A Discovery, 71 Another Fire in 1805, 72 First Beginning in the Southwest Part of the Township, 74 Coming of Mechanics, 75 A Large Crop of Corn, 77 The First Strawberry Festival, 78 The First School, 79 A Disappointment, 80 The Township in 1806, 82 The First Tanner, 83 The First Physician, 85 The First Visit of a Minister, 86 First Winter School, 87 Early Marriages, 95 The Township in 1807, 96 The First Blacksmith, 97 The Township in 1808, 99 The Township in 1809, 100 A Notable Barn, 102 A More Notable Barn, 103 A Remarkable Journey in 1809, 104 TABLE OF CONTENTS V Page The First Death in the Township, 105 The Township in 1810, 105 A Sorrowful Event, 107 The First Grist Mill, 108 Death of the First Physician, 109 Questionings, 110 Was it a Misfortune?112 Petition for an Act of Incorporation, 114 What's in a Name?In the month of March, after they had recovered from the fatigue of their recent journey and a hard crust had formed upon the surface of the deep snow, Moses Gordon, assisted by other mem- bers of the family, embraced the opportunity to haul his furniture, household goods and other needful things to his cabin on a hand-sled.

The sleds were unloaded and the men started with their teams with the intention of breaking their way to the end of their route.

Now that they had 67 safelv reached it a more severe trial awaited some of their numbers.

While in the township in the autumn of 1804, Amos Gordon purchased a piece of land just, within the limits of the present town of Dexter, about two miles away from his own land, for his son Moses Gordon.

At nightfall they found themselves within the limits of the present town of Dexter, where they passed the night in an old camp.

The night of the next day, February 22, 1805, found them at the end of their journey.

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