Error updating appinitdlls in the registry

Currently the Std-VDA for Xen Desktop and RDS-VDA for Xen App does not support resolutions higher than 4094 in any dimension. At the time of writing, the number of monitors supported is 1, the use of more monitors will cause the graphics mode to change from Framehawk to Thinwire to support multi-monitor.

See Citrix Blog Post Citrix Call Home Technology Preview for details.The timeout can be increased by setting the following: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Port ICA Add a new DWORD Auto Logon Timeout and set the value to decimal 240 or higher (up to 3600).Also see Citrix Discussions Machines in “Registered” State, but VM closes after “Welcome” screen.The default permissions allow users to store files on the C: drive in places other than their profile.If this image will be converted to a Provisioning Services v Disk, then you must ensure the pagefile is smaller than the cache disk.

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