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The transcript of the first part of our interview, dealing with Russia's relations with the West is below: The causes of Vladimir Putin's antipathy towards the West are a widely debated topic amongst Russian foreign policy experts.Do you think that Putin harbored anti-Western sentiments throughout his career and masked them in the early years of his presidency?The positive hits with the model substrates are then tested with a set of potential natural substrates or the substrate pools are deconvoluted to identify the preferred in vitro substrate. The identification of a biochemical activity of a hypothetical protein helps to determine its cellular role. Lemak, S., Beloglazova, N., Nocek, B., Skarina, T., Flick, R., Brown, G., Popovic, A., Joachimiak, A., Savchenko, A., and Yakunin, A. Toroidal structure and DNA cleavage by the CRISPR-associated [4Fe-4S]-cluster containing Cas4 nuclease SSO0001 from Sulfolobus solfataricus.

Associated with them are a large group of uncharacterized proteins known as CRISPR Associated (Cas). Global genome and metagenome sequencing efforts have produced millions of genes encoding unknown proteins. These uncharacterized proteins represent a potentially rich source of novel industrial enzymes. Or has his hostility towards the West developed more recently, as a product of changing geopolitical conditions? In some ways, Putin might not even be anti-Western now, as from the very beginning, he has been willing to use Western institutions like banks and financial institutions.At the start of his time in power, he had no objection to having senior Russian officials use Western legal institutions to secure contracts.

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