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There's a lot of, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my fricken god" going on in my mind.This is why my preferred setting for a first date is a bar, so imagine my reaction when a guy suggests meeting for coffee at two in the afternoon.Full disclosure, we saw "The Entourage Movie," but I swear it was done ironically and I didn't laugh (I laughed).In summary, guys, the next time you're asking a girl (me) out, make it dinner and a movie.(Hint: That's not short for "good for you.") Instead, people want to hear about the time your date took you to Union Pool in Brooklyn on a Saturday night because he "heard good things." They want to hear about the time you and your date sat in complete silence for 15 minutes watching an "SNL" rerun playing on the TV above the bar, and how he still expected you to go home with him (in my defense, Drake was hosting and it was very funny).Rarely will a date ruin your life, so you might as well embrace it, blog out it, and tweet about it... The One Where No One Drinks Imagine this: Meeting a complete stranger who has expressed initial interest in your looks and personality, and vice-versa.

Here are the experiences we consider musts before you settle down. Horrible can mean a lot of things in the context of dating.

They (I) will be so excited and appreciate the time and effort you put into planning your (our) date.

MATTHEW HOGAN The One Who Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone If you have a "type" of girl that you're always attracted to, try the opposite. If you always go out with blondes, try going on a date with a brunette or a redhead.

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Winter is here, and so is my yearly threat of relocation to L. When I do finally follow through on my promise to go west, I won't miss January or February, but I will sorely miss the month of December.

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